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Enjoy Your Adventure With Yellow Springs Scooter

The Village offers a wide variety of activities from arts & crafts to fine dining at many festive venues where you can relax and share the highlights of your day.

About us

Yellow Springs Scooter offers you a sense of adventure in mobility during your visit.  While The Village offers a wide array of venues and activities for your enjoyment, one of its limitations is parking space. Electronic Scooters and Bikes from Yellow Springs Scooters will provide you with the freedom and flexibility to explore The Village at your leisure.  Review your options to obtain an electronic scooter or bicycle and make a reservation today.
Tips for first-time users:
1. Consider wearing safety gear
2. Place the scooter on a flat paved road or sidewalk
3. Raise the kickstand
4. Use a scooter stance with one foot on the board and one on the ground
5. Place your strong leg on the scooter deck and your weaker leg on the ground facing forward
6. Push away with your weak leg and press upward on the throttle steadily once your reach 3 mph
7. Get a feel for the scooter while riding at slow speeds
8. Slowly rotate the handlebars to turn or change direction
9. Apply the brakes gently to get a feel for them
10. Ride cautiously until you gain confidence and feel comfortable
11. Have fun!